Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Following the learning opportunities


My daughter, and to a lesser extent my son, have been enjoying The Avengers a great deal recently.  The Avengers features Thor as a superhero character, and a great deal of Norse mythology gets thrown about.  Since she had that introduction, I thought it would be good to see if she was interested in learning more, and it's proven true.  Both kids are very much enjoying D'aulaires Book of Norse Myths.  A few years ago we read D'aulaires Book of Greek Myths out loud, and this one is done just as well.

As a homeschooler, heck as a parent and a human being, I find it very important to just pay attention and to look for the ways to go deeper into whatever is currently of interest or of use.  Pay Attention.  

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  1. Early in our homeschooling journey, my son requested information about Norse mythology. (No idea why because the Avengers weren't really on our radar at the time.)

    I had just read The Well-Trained Mind and invested in the first SOTW book and I resisted, thinking I was "supposed" to do history chronologically, according to the "right" timeline, complete with maps and coloring sheets...you get the idea.

    I did get the d'Aulaire book for him and within a few days he had read every story and was running around the house with his cardboard Mjolnir. That was an important lesson for ME! :-)