Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seven Fun Things From Church Today


1. A class of 3rd and 4th graders who build their vision of Solomon's Temple out of Duplos and then are so excited to show it to me and get me to take a picture of it.  Features to note: a water slide, a book open for the Priest to read from, and out of the camera shot, a rainbow standing over it all.

2.  Four year olds who sit on the rug in their classroom alone while I have to run out looking for a teacher after a volunteer doesn't show ... and when I get back without anyone and realize I have to cover this class myself (along with supervising the six other classes going on) the kids say "we were Statues!".  Darling little ones practically ran their own class today.

3.  Getting to pop in and watch 5th and 6th graders do a little skit based off "clues" for the Cain and Abel story, and see them create a whole new scenario.

4.  Holding hands with good people in the High School group gathering.

5.  Having great advisors come in and enrich the Middle School lesson so much.

6.  Getting to introduce a new little one to our Nursery.

7.  Arriving in time to find my daughter is the last one in her class of 1st and 2nd graders and is valiantly still trying to hold their model Ark of the Covenant up "because all my friends left me when they heard there were cookies!".


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  1. Never a quite moment for a DRE! Looks like it was a great day - that picture of your daughter is adorable!