Friday, January 4, 2013

A new year, a new organization for our homeschool


Staying organized as a homeschooling mom, while also working full-time, is a challenge.  Last year I primarily utilized a big whiteboard for daily To Do lists, and I came up with the list each day from a weekly list that just said what subjects we would study each day.

Not planning further ahead made it kind of hard to have the right supplies on hand, and I had to invent that To Do list from scratch every day.  So I started off 2013 with a new schedule - a month's worth of daily assignments.  So far, this is much better.

I also realized that the kids don't ever seem to want to do their work in the same place in the house twice in a row.  Sure, we have a "schoolroom", but they don't use it.  One day they work at the dining table, the next on the sofa, the next outside at the picnic table, and then the next they might take their work to church with them.  So I packed all our current supplies into canvas bags for each of them, and they can just haul those bags to wherever they want to work that day, then put the bag back in the schoolroom to store until the next day.

This let's Carbon's "school day" look like this:


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