Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Living with the Time We Have

I don't have enough time!  I'm so busy!  There's never enough time!  How often do we say all those things?

I've been thinking a lot about time, and how we choose to use it, lately.  I'm not the only one thinking about it, either.

Anne Lamott wrote about Time Lost and Found

And Lori at Project Based Homeschooling wrote about Learning to Use the Time You Have

Both are good posts, both encourage us to realize that we have more time to do the things that are truly important to us than we think we have.  But, no promises that it will be easy.  No myth that you can do it all.  We have to make choices, we have to choose to use the time we have in ways that fulfill us and build the life that brings us joy.

I think I'll have more to say about this sometime soon, but for now I just bring you these words of others.

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  1. thank you, sara! i posted to that article by anne lamott earlier in the year on my facebook page. loved it. :)