Thursday, January 10, 2013

Here I sit


Here is the compliment to my previous Here I Sit post (maybe I'll make a thing of doing these sorts of posts).  Here is my space in my office at church, a place where I sit only slightly less than I sit at my desk at home.  Here, you can see that I am eating my lunch at my desk.  I'm loading updates on my computer software, getting a quote out of Everyday Spiritual Practice, referencing my calendars and my Little Book of Things I Need to Do.  This space is frequently covered in craft supplies, binders of curriculum, attendance sheets, registration forms, and catalogs.  Here I like to sit and sort it all out, file it, keep the wheels rolling and the balls in the air.  This space is less for contemplation and more for the ministry of administration.  I sit here three afternoons a week, and then it is the dumping ground for all the things I don't have time to attend to on a Sunday.  On Tuesday I come in and shovel it all back off and file it, respond to it, get it back under control.

Here I sit.

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  1. Wow, your workspace is waaaaay neater than mine right now! Now I feel the need to go clean my desk! :-)