Monday, January 21, 2013

Mother-Daughter Bible Study


On Saturday my mom and my sister and I got together for our first Mother-Daughter Bible Study.  We discussed Genesis and Exodus, and traded little bits of research, understandings, questions, and impressions we had gained as we each read those books over the last month.

I've never read the Bible all the way through.  Most people I know have never read the Bible (perhaps at all).  My mother grew up Presbyterian and was a studious child and youth, so she actually has a background in Sunday School lessons and youth group Bible Study, but already she's noticing that they focused on "just the easy bits".

It's not a requirement of the Religious Educators Credentialing program, but as I was working on the Jewish-Christian Heritages section of my portfolio it occurred to me that I wish I had read the Bible.  I wish I had a better understanding of the primary text, and not just the interpretations that other (more conservative) religious people have put on it.  I wish there was a liberal-leaning Bible Study group out there.

I looked online at other area church websites and on Meetups, but all the Bible Study groups were clearly more conservative than I would be comfortable with.  I didn't want to start one at work, because then it would be "work", I'd have to convince others of the reason to do it, and I'd end up cast in the "expert/leader" role when I really want to be in the learner role right now.

During a phone call with my mom where I was complaining about the lack of liberal Bible Study resources, she said she'd love to do it with me, and the Mother-Daughter Bible Study was born.  My sister joined in, even though as a college student she doesn't really need any more studying to do - but we're a homeschooling family and this is the way we roll.

It's delightful to have a reason to get together once a month, a deadline that pushes us to keep up with our reading, and a discussion group that shares a similar way of looking at the subject matter, so I'm really happy to take on this project.  But this is going to take us a long time, if we only read two books of the Bible a month!  A long-term project, fitting for life-long learners.


  1. This sounds like a great idea for you, Sara! I wouldn't mind being part of a Bible study like the one you describe...around here all of the Bible study options are WAY more conservative than I would ever feel comfortable participating in.

  2. This is great! There is a huge dearth of liberal Bible Study courses. When I was looking for a guide to help with the one I lead, I didn't find much. I pretty much make it up as I go. I would love something more structured and progressive (as in building on itself). That said, as you know, I love teaching it and have found that there are a lot of religious liberals that would love to study it, but feel uncomfortable in a conservative (one point of view) situation.