Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year


A New Year dawns.  (Actually, this picture is of the sunrise on Monday from my back yard, but today's wasn't nearly as pretty.)

I've been thinking of goals and resolutions for 2013, and I haven't come up with anything too exciting.

  • Fiscal Responsibility.  We want to be all out of debt by 2015
  • Social and Environmental Care.  I want to be making choices and taking actions that always keep my values in the forefront, rather than reflexively trying to "keep up the with Joneses" or fill time with more distractions.
  • Finish my Credentialing Portfolio.  It's due in November for review, so that's a big one for me this year.
  • Enjoy my strengths.  I realized recently that I spend a lot of energy shoring up my weaknesses, and trying to be a different person than I naturally am.  Instead, I'd like to enjoy my natural strengths and just be myself.
  • A modified version of The Compact (the pledge to buy nothing new for a year).  I personally aim to buy nothing new this year.  But my family isn't joining me in this, and there are loads of exceptions I can already think of, so it's a pretty lax version of the Compact for me. 


We went out to the cabin today and the boys took a quick dip in the chilly Sound.  Diving into the new year!

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  1. These are great resolutions. I especially love building on the strengths. I am with you, I tend to focus on my weaknesses and try to aspire to something that just isn't me!