Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Buy Nothing New Pledge

I decided to personally (as opposed to talking my whole family into joining me) take the Buy Nothing New pledge for 2013.  My primary motivation is that I think our culture is all about making us consumers, and that there is just too much stuff being produced in an unsustainable and exploitative way.  And yet, we are well-conditioned to keep consuming and I think I need a break to be able to really examine my relationship to consumerism.

So far, it's been a bit harder than I expected.  I actually dream about shopping, about new dresses, new shoes, new purses.  My slippers are wearing out.  I really want a new purse.  And I'm discovering just how much shopping is related to envy, low-self-esteem, and boredom.

These are all good reasons for why I need to stick this out.

But I need to find some time go thrifting soon!

Warning: plenty of explicit language

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  1. Awesome video! Makes me want to check out a thrift store this weekend. Good luck with the challenge. I've thought of trying it too - even if just for one month at first.