Friday, January 18, 2013

A Day in the Life of Work and Homeschool

Yesterday was one of my busy-type days.  Here's how those kind of days go down:

6:15 the alarm goes off.  This is so that I can have some time to do yoga or read.  Yesterday I hit snooze a few times, though, so no morning spiritual practice for me.

7:00 I'm up and getting ready to go.  I slept in my work-out clothes and packed my gym bag the night before, along with the kids' swim bags.  But the cats had left me a little surprise by throwing up on the love seat.  So what I needed to do in the morning was:

  • clean up that cat vomit and remove the slip cover from the love seat to wash
  • fold the laundry on the drying rack
  • get the kids up - but then their dad cooked them breakfast
  • start a load of laundry in the washing machine
  • pack lunch bags for each kid with snacks to get them through the day
  • I should have unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it, but I had forgot to actually start it the night before so I just started the machine going
  • Check and respond to email
  • Pack up my work stuff
8:00 We're ready-ish to go, and the kids decide that rather than pack their schoolwork to do they'd rather just bust it out at the dining table.  They each did math and language lessons.

8:30 We left the house headed down to the gym.  We listen to Tom Sawyer on audio disc.

9:00  The kids start their PE class, and I head down to the elliptical machines.  I did 30 minutes of exercise, while reading a liberal theology book and listening to music on my phone.  That left me with 15 minutes to stretch and drink water.

9:45 The kids get out of PE class and we go through the locker rooms to change (them into swim suits, me into my outfit I had packed the night before in my gym bag).

10:00 Swim Lesson.  I knit and chatted with another mom during it.

11:00 Another transition period as we get the kids back through the showers, eat a snack, and drive from the gym to their music teacher's place.  More Tom Sawyer.

11:30 Violin and Piano lessons.  During Hypatia's lesson I knit, and during Carbon's lesson I read some more of the liberal theology book I'm studying right now.  

12:30 Another transition period as we hustled from the music lesson, went through a fast food drive thru (I should have packed sandwiches, but dropped the ball), and drove to church.  More Tom Sawyer.

1:10 I arrived ten minutes late for a meeting of the Adult Education Committee at church.  The kids hang out in my office and watch videos while I'm in the meeting.

3:00 I'm done with my meeting and do 1 hour of general administrative work at church.  The kids are playing with the toys we keep in my office.

4:00 Another transition, driving home.  More Tom Sawyer!

4:30 Arrive home and do:
  • take that load of laundry out of the washing machine and hang it on the drying rack
  • sweep up the living room
  • clean the two bathrooms
  • cook dinner (spaghetti with some of the meatballs I made and froze a week ago)
  • Sit and eat dinner with my family
  • Read some blog posts from my Google Reader
6:30  Head back to church for a meeting.  With no kids in the car, I listen to NPR.

7:00 A meeting with the high school youth advisors at church.

8:30 Back home again.  

9:00 Put the kids to bed, kiss the husband goodnight, and settle down to read.  I listened to some classical music, drank a glass of wine, and read my Bible (I have mother-daughter bible study on Saturday and we're going to discuss Genesis and Exodus.  I'm not done with Exodus yet.)

9:30 I switch to making a powerpoint of pictures for the story I'm going to tell on Sunday in the worship service

10:00  I read some more of the liberal theology text.

10:30 I fell asleep while reading.  

And that was my day!  Not every day is like that, thank goodness, but typically that's life about twice a week for me.  


  1. On those types of days, I often look back and am amazed that it has only been ONE day! Glad your everyday isn't quite so busy!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day. I'm always interested in what other homeschoolers do with their time. Glad to see you fit in some time for knitting, reading, exercising, NPR - and even a glass of wine! Good for you :)