Monday, August 20, 2012

The Reading Life


On my reading pile right now:

Goat Song, a memoir about keeping goats and living seasonally and intentionally.  This was a Christmas gift that I'm just getting around to reading.

The Northwest Nature Guide is a fantastic resource.  Organized by the months of the year, the author describes what you can see this time of year, and gives a great deal of fascinating background history and science.  Then there are recommended trips for Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia so you can actually get out there and see it all.  I read the August chapter out loud to the family, and although we weren't up for going on a whale watching cruise or climbing up to the alpine heights to see small native rodents in action, it was still very interesting.

I was inspired to read some german poetry after watching the movie The Lives of Others (a beautiful film - I recommend it).  Although they were not reading Goethe in the movie, I've never read any of his work and had heard he was "foundational" so I decided to start here.  I'm sure a lot is lost in translation, but I'm not impressed.  The poems are very bland, in my opinion.

Dinner: A Love Story is a blog I read, and their book has just been released.  It's more memoir than cookbook, but if you enjoy seeing how food really fits into people's lives you will enjoy this book.

The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook is just a lush delight for the eyes and the imagined taste buds, and I simply must try some of these recipes.

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  1. I loved Dinner! (That sounds kind of funny, doesn't it?) I had never read her blog but I enjoyed reading about her family dinners. We used to be very good about sitting down together...then life got hectic...trying to get back to our old routine because we all miss it.