Friday, August 17, 2012

(Not) Back to School


Being somewhat year-round homeschoolers means that we don't have a set First Day of School, or a Last Day of School, or really any particular time of the year where things have to Begin or End.  We will not be starting 4th grade with a bang, with all new subjects and a pile of new clothing, paper, and pencils.

But we have had a break of about a month, what with various summer camps taking us away from home learning and with a two week visit from grandparents.  So on Monday when we went back to our home learning, it did feel a bit like we were going Back to School.

Carbon even got to start a new subject - physics using this new curriculum from Exploration Education that I bought at the annual homeschool convention this year.  So far, he likes it a lot.

But are we giving up on summer because we started back up with homeschool?  No way.  Besides the museum day on Wednesday, I also let Carbon go off to an amusement park all day yesterday with a friend.  As usual, we're in no rush to get to any particular educational goal, other than to just keep living and learning!

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