Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cooking Day


In my grandmother's time, there was a standard sort of order to when housewives did which chores.  She even had a set of embroidered towels that said "Monday, Laundry", etc.  It's a good plan really, since the work of keeping house is never ending and you could just keep working at everything all the time.  I'm trying to break up this huge task into a manageable routine, so I'm going back to the idea of a task a day.

Friday was "Market and Cooking Day", so I went out and picked wild blackberries from my back field, went to the Farmer's Market and bought a box of tomatoes, came home and baked and canned all the rest of the afternoon.  The results were:

1.  A messy house
2.  A hot and tired mama
3.  Yummy food that the family was thrilled to have!
4.  Local food put up for the winter

I don't go into work on Fridays, so it works for me to do more housework that day.  On the days I do go in, I have to give myself smaller domestic tasks. :)  For instance, yesterday I worked a 9 hour work day in the church, so I had to be content with just weeding one flower bed and calling the "Gardening Day" good.



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