Monday, August 6, 2012

Real Science for the Young



We are very fortunate to have a Nature Center nearby that puts on fantastic summer camps where kids get to do "Real Science" (Carbon's quote).  They spend a portion of each camp day learning about the aquatic life they can find from the beach, seeing slides, seeing examples in tanks, etc.  It's a kids camp, so of course they also spend part of their day playing games and having free time on the beach.  There's an environmental emphasis on being good stewards, so at lunch time they weighed the trash they cumulatively generated with their packed lunches (we were forewarned in packing, so it was 2.5 grams of trash for all the kids combined on Day 1 and 0 trash by Day 2).  And then every day they do a Survey, counting how many of a few species they can find.  The Nature Center keeps all the data from each week and compares it against previous years - Carbon was impressed that they really use the data the kids collect.

It's a treasure, and a favorite part of his summer.  Next year, his sister will be old enough to attend one of their camps also!

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