Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to Fall Resolutions


Routines tend to fall apart in the summer.  It's both a blessing a curse that during the summer you take a break from your normal life, and (at least in this family) constantly have to adapt to new routines on a weekly or even daily basis.

All the summer camps and trips will be coming to an end soon, and so it's time to find a rhythm and a routine that will get us through the long haul.  One major priority for me is to get back into the swing of an exercise routine.

So far, I've managed to revive a super short and simple morning stretching/yoga routine.  I do mean super short - 10 minutes if I'm feeling rushed.

And I gave up on trying to find ethically produced athletic shoes and just bought myself something that felt really good on my feet and made me feel happy to look down at my toes.  I want to get into the gym for a workout at least twice a week, and go on more walks around the neighborhood.  Our effort at a weekly hike/nature walk is great, but the kids walk so slow it's never really a workout for me.

It's time to get back into gear, and shape.

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