Saturday, August 25, 2012

I love summer camps


We have just finished a week of both kids having half-day camps: Visual Effects Movie Making Camp and Play in Spanish Camp.

Their play at home is now heavily movie-making oriented, and I keep turning around and realizing they are filming me with the camera and tripod I let them use.  Too much enthusiasm can be trying for Mama to live with, but it's also pretty cute.

What I love about summer camps when they are done well is that the kids can try something new and really get immersed in it for what feels like just long enough - it inspires but then ends leaving you wanting more.  The length of a camp lets them actually do larger projects within the camp time, such as making a movie, putting on a play, or surveying a beach.  And camps bring people with different expertise and places that are not always accessible to the kids for a pretty cool learning experience.

They are already talking about what camps they want to do next year. :)

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