Friday, August 3, 2012

growth happens

Last week of June

2nd Week of July

Last week of July


Look, a fly flew into my picture while I was taking it. :)

This flower bed, started this year from scratch with a lovely truck full of horse manure from a friend and another lovely truck full of sanitized leavings from the mushroom farm up the road, has been a bright spot of fertility, growth, and happiness in my yard.

It turns out that when you have good stuff to grow from, growth just goes nuts.  And that poop and mushroom farm waste are good stuff seems to be the way of life.  Not to go completely Nietzsche with it, of course, because there is just enough poop, and it can't be too "hot" or it will kill the seed, and you also need some warming sunshine and gentle rain as well.

So, life, give me poop, but just enough, and at a proper temperature, and also give me warmth and light (which I think is very much like Love) and give me the cool waters, and let me grow.

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