Monday, August 13, 2012

struggling a bit ...


I'm struggling a bit to keep my heart and soul on an even keel.  The depression that gripped me just a half-year ago or so feels like it's still out there, and there are many hints that all is not well.  Life doesn't feel lovely and safe and blessed anymore, and so now I need to find a way to stay mentally healthy during times that aren't quite so perfect.

For part of my self-care, I find that focusing on lovely things makes me feel better.  And right now, my flower garden has lots to offer as a balm to my heart and soul.

I'm going to try going easy on myself.  This will be a new idea, but after years of beating myself up and berating myself and setting the bar so high that I can never succeed, I don't notice it really working out very well.  So, gentle and easy, and hopefully happier and healthier.




  1. Sending some hugs your way :-). It is amazing how depression can sneak in before you know it and take away simple joys. I hope things look better soon.

  2. Your flower garden is lovely! I hope it brings some peace and joy to you!

    I read a book on self-compassion and found it very helpful: Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff.

    You have achieved so much in your young life, and impacted so many people! Don't forget to give yourself credit for all you do! :-)

  3. You have a beautiful garden! ...And a beautiful spirit. I hope your self-gentleness leads to healing. And if it doesn't, I hope you keep it up anyway, as you deserve to be treated gently, especially by yourself!