Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We've gone to the birds


Between the chicken who got to come inside for some TLC ...


The hummingbirds that are enjoying the flower garden ....


And the red-tailed hawk that joined us in our backyard for dinner last night (literally - it got two mice in the backfield as we watched) ....


It's been hard to ignore the birds.  We also have quail that cross the road in front of our car, and doves that have been flying about and landing on the barn roof (that was really pretty, but darn I couldn't get my camera fast enough).  


We just watched The Big Year this week with the kids, too, and that's inspired them to want to keep their own birding lists.  Carbon wants to do his own Big Year, even if he "comes in very last".  I think Project FeederWatch will be a good nature study project for us this winter.

There's just something cool about birds.

1 comment:

  1. Great hummingbird and hawk photos! Glad you're enjoying backyard birdwatching!

    We forgot about Project Feederwatch last year, but I marked it on the calendar for this year. It starts November 10th.

    What a cute, fluffy chicken! :-)