Saturday, August 18, 2012



We are having some record high temperatures here, but it still feels like summer is basically in it's last hurrah.  The spider webs are an early sign of fall.

Today I do the first of the teacher trainings at church for my volunteers.

Hypatia's feet have grown, but it's too late in the year to bother buying new sandals.  I got her some $2 flipflops and ordered nice new Boggs mud shoes in her new size instead.  The rain is going to start again soon, and she'll need the waterproof shoes before we know it.

My calendar is filling up, fall-like, and it's time to get the kids registered for their fall activities too.

The seasons are turning.  We didn't do everything I had hoped to do this summer, but there are some things in the fall that I will welcome:

sweaters and boots!

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