Friday, January 29, 2010

How they play ...

Spiderwick's fieldguide

Carbon's fieldguide

My kids don't have trouble entertaining themselves. A few of their recent games:

1. Making their own Fieldguides, inspired by The Spiderwick Chronicles

2. Hunting for fairies, also inspired by The Spiderwick Chronicles

3. Burning dolls at the stake and building imaginary campfires with branches and twigs that fell from one of our trees in a recent windstorm. I don't know what inspired them to tie up their dolls and pretend to burn them at the stake. (Peter Pan, maybe?)

burning her at the stake

4. Digging for dinosaur bones in the yard, and they did find an old rusty cookie sheet that we must have lost during last summer's BBQ season

5. Treasure hunts, with maps they draw of the house

6. Make-it-up-as-you-go Chess, which Carbon wins every time (imagine that)

7. Pirates. It never seems to get old

8. Census/Senses-Taker, inspired by The Phantom Tollbooth

They don't know the meaning of the word bored.


  1. Healthy and active imaginations! Good for them!

  2. That poor doll! I hope they didn't have access to any matches (*Grin*--I'm kidding, of course)

    Fabulous post! I love, LOVE the way kids weave things they read and learn into their imaginative play.