Saturday, January 23, 2010


Family Picnic

If the (emotional) going gets tough (for Mom), the tough get Going! The class I was going to be working today was canceled, so I had a Saturday off! (Which wasn't scheduled to happen until February).

We packed a picnic, and headed off to a beach State park that wasn't too far away, but not so close that we had been there before. This beach turned out to be covered in oysters, but it isn't oyster season so my husband wasn't tempted to take any home. Some other time we could get a permit and collect some for his dinner. :)

Scenic Beach State Park

looking for fish to catch

Getting extra wet!

A quick trip out of town isn't a silver bullet for emotional distress, but it doesn't hurt.


  1. Wow--it looks so beautiful there! Glad you got some time away!

  2. With a million beautiful shades of blue surrounding you, it must have been so calming and peaceful.

  3. Oh, wow! These photos are gorgeous! I especially love the second in the lake series, how you captured the ripples are moving away in a full circle around him. Sort of symbolic on many levels.