Friday, January 22, 2010

Emotional Winter

It may be warm and unseasonably spring-like outside, but I am still stuck in some deep winter here. People sick and dying, living with construction at work and having to cancel my program for at least a month, at least one person a day reminding me that I've forgotten something I was supposed to do for them, and just general over-worked caregiver syndrome - it's all getting me down - waaaayyyy down.

A week-long nap sounds lovely at the moment, but that's just not an option. And there will be no mental health shopping spree for me either, since it's still Buy Nothing Month. I've tried to fight it with some sewing, and perhaps tomorrow I will fight it by going out and turning compost into my garden. Maybe I'll call and get an appointment for a massage.

And there's always this, to remind me of the brighter side:

Ice cream boy


  1. I am sorry to hear about how you are feeling, Sara. I do understand. It is hard to take on so many roles, a lot of the time without any thanks coming your way, especially on those days when we really need the thanks or a simple hug. I appreciate all you do and if I could give you a week long nap, I would! I hope you get a break soon.