Thursday, December 10, 2009

They are each their own person

a little ham

My son is shy with new people and anyone he doens't know well. He hates it when people talk about him, so we can't tell stories about him to others. He is fairly camera shy at this point in his life. He loves to build things, to analyze things, and to collect things. He is very emotional and sensitive.

And then there is my daughter. She will walk right up to strangers and start telling them a story. She loves to dress up and have her picture taken. She loves to perform and be the center of attention. She is incredibly stubborn and has a nasty temper. She is charming and frequently gets what she wants.

They are each their own person, and who they are today is not the same as who they have always been, and it will not be the same as who they will become. These precious individual personalities that currently drive me crazy, make me laugh, and that I adore so completely will not last. They will grow, they will change, and I will lose my little children.

As much as some of the things they do now frustrate me and I will say "I can't wait until this is over", I am going to miss these little people when they are grown.

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  1. I try to remind myself that all the frustrating as a particular phase may be, eventually my girls will be grown up, away on their own adventures and no longer be living with me. That awareness makes it much, much easier to appreciate who they are right now and treasure it.