Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Special events

all dressed up

Last night Hypatia went to her first live theater performance, when we went up to Seattle to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. She loved it!

I learned from Carbon's bad experience with Wicked, and this event went much better. It was a better choice for a child, and the audience was more accepting of some squirming. We went with my dad and stepmother and my sister and two step-sisters, so there were plenty of folks to take turns taking care of one child.

Before we left, Hypatia and I got dressed up together, and did our hair and put on "lipstick", and I spent most of the two-hour drive singing Christmas songs with her. We found the theater without trouble, I shelled out for the crazy-expensive parking lot that was well-lit and across the street, and we met her Dad as he walked over from his office.

When the lights came up on the stage and the dancers appeared and then Santa's sleigh was pulled onto the stage, her face just lit up. It was wonderful to watch her excitement. She didn't make it all the way through the whole show, and she and I finished it off out in the lobby with her doing her own dance show for me, but even that was sweet and fine with me.

Now I need to give Carbon a good experience with theater. He didn't go to this show, but I just ordered tickets for a children's theater performance of Peter Pan for just him and me. We'll have a special mother-son outing, and hopefully he will love it.


  1. Sounds like a great time together! And I love the fancy red dress!

  2. Nick said "ewwwa" when he saw the men in tights when we saw the Nutcracker last year. You might get some of that from Carbon