Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Christmas project revealed

the lego mat when closed

inside the lego mat

For Carbon, I made a lego quilt. It is based on an idea a friend described to me, that it would be great to have a blanket to play on that also doubled as a sack to carry them in, so when you were done playing you could just cinch it up and go.

I ordered the fabric from Superbuzzy, because there was nothing in my fabric stash that said "lego quilt" to me at all. These two fabric were perfect for this project, but like most designer fabric they were pricey, so this is a "1 yard project", as I didn't want to buy more than that.

I quilted them together, put a binding around the edge, and then tried to pound grommets in. Lesson learned (which I should have known from listening to my mother cuss when I was a kid) - I HATE grommets. Really, I should have just made button holes. But once I had holes (even though many are just unfinished holes because the grommets fell off - did I mention I HATE grommets?) I pulled this cord through and Voila! it was done.

Super simple, super practical.


  1. I like! You should sell these on ebay.


  2. I love this! The designer fabric is adorable. I was beginning to think I'd make one for my kids... but now I'm wary of the grommets! :D Thanks for sharing all of your homemade inspirations.