Monday, November 23, 2009

Our homeschool days

I am asked frequently how I balance work and homeschooling, and what our days look like. We basically have four types of days:

1. Our "full homeschool" days, when I am focused mainly on school and housecleaning (2 days a week)
2. Our "half homeschool" days, when I do office hours at church (3 days a week)
3. Saturdays that I don't work and we have family day
4. Sundays and some Saturdays, when I work and the kids either go with me or stay home with their Dad

Today was "full homeschool" day, and it looked like this:

  • We all got up tired, around 8 am
  • We had breakfast together and I read a history book about Rome to them
  • They spontaneously decided to build a roman fort out of legos, and played together for awhile with a roman storyline
  • We went outside and cleaned out a raised bed in the garden, and the kids collected worms and grubs
  • They set up a habitat for the worms so they could keep watching them inside
  • We went to the YMCA, and they played in the playcare room while I worked out
  • We went to the library, and the kids picked out new books and movies for the week
  • We went to Goodwill to buy a "disposable" soup pot that I can fill with soup and give to the homeless camp for dinner tomorrow, and the kids picked out sweaters and Christmas nick-nacks
  • We listened to an audio book as we drove around
  • I took them out to lunch at an independent burger place
  • Carbon did his Math-U-See while Hypatia practiced counting blocks
  • I read them a non-fiction science book from the library
  • Hypatia cleaned bathrooms (with my help) and Carbon took out all the garbage and recycling
  • Carbon did his five minutes of vision therapy
  • Carbon and I each practiced piano (I give him a little lesson and then I practice my own pieces)
  • Carbon read me a Bob Book
  • The kids and I made soup together for dinner (they really are good little cooks)
  • Carbon worked on cleaning his room
  • They each got a bedtime story read to them

A fairly typical homeschool day around here.


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  2. Ooh, thanks for sharing. I'm fascinated by homeschooling. It sounds like you take an "unschooling" approach.

  3. Where do you get the energy to do it all?

    :) Sparklee