Monday, November 9, 2009

7 Years

camping in montana

9 years ago we met in the National Guard.

7 years ago we were handfasted.

We lost a pregnancy. We bought a house. We had a baby. He was activated and went to Iraq for a year. We had another baby. We dealt with depression, with stress, with lack of money, with long hours at work, with chronic illness.

We comforted each other, we drove each other crazy. We laughed together, we yelled at each other. We had adventures together, and we argued over who should wash the dishes.

A marriage is so many things, and is possibly the most difficult relationship you will ever have. He is the sandpaper of my life, rubbing me into a smoother, wiser, more mature person. And he is the witness who sees the most accurately who I am, as I change over time.

Happy Anniversary, my dear. Here's to many more years of ups and downs and fulfilling our dreams and experiencing the unexpected. Together.

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  1. I love the sandpaper analogy or metaphor (I always forget which is which.) It is true how hard marriage is but how worthwhile it is to fight for it, to make it better, to make it work. It is always such a gift to be with someone knowing that even on your worst days, they still love you and wish to be with you, inspite of not liking you in that instant. It is much like being a parent and knowing you will always be there for your child. So should we be for our partners in life. Happy Anniversary to you both. Many more years of adventures and stories for you both and may they all have fulfilling endings!