Friday, November 27, 2009

Gluten free Thanksgiving

a community supported bakery

We served a Thanksgiving dinner for 14 last night, and it was all gluten free. It also had to have components that were egg and dairy free.

Gluten-free life has been pretty easy for me since I joined a community supported bakery. The concept is similar to a CSA farm share, in that I paid upfront for the "season", and each week I pick up my "share" (see a typical week's share above). I was very excited to find out that the bakery would do either a gluten-free or a vegan share for the same price as a "normal" share.

For Thanksgiving, I made a few special orders: pumkin pie, apple pie, an olive loaf. So I was well supplied with beautiful gluten-free desserts. And my father brought his speciality, which is a dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free cheese cake. It is delicious (I think it's all tofutti and xanthan gum, but he keeps the exact formula a secret).

My mother is raising heritage turkeys this year, and the day before Thanksgiving my siblings killed and cleaned a turkey for us. The turkey meat was much richer in taste and muscle than we are used to with store-bought turkeys.

We had a very full house, and a lovely dinner. Much to be Thankful for.

Our Thanksgiving Table

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