Monday, November 30, 2009

a bit of our homeschooling - music

piano practice

I have Carbon working on piano, using the Bastien piano books. My mother taught me rudimentary piano using Bastien books, and I enjoy repeating this process with my own children. We will need a more competent music teacher eventually (in fact I'm eyeballing a music class for homeschoolers 4-7 years old that is a combo of recorder, piano, and choir), but for now we are doing fine.

I'm convinced that music and other disciplined, pattern-based movements (dance, etc) are wonderful for brain development. There is some research to back this idea up, but my conviction is based on my personal experiences. All the time I have spent focused on patterns and rhythm, in the "zone" of concentration, has always felt good to me. So now I work with my son, and then I do my own piano practice. Just a tiny bit of what we do here.

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