Saturday, November 21, 2009

funny kid story

Tonight we had to go to the mall and hang out for a long time while my husband was getting himself a new cellphone (his own birthday present to himself). They are already set up for Christmas there, which we are not allowed to do here at home until December 1st. And we hardly ever go to the mall or other major stores, so the kids haven't seen any early Christmas stuff until tonight.

So the kids were excited to see a sign with a picture of an elf on it (it was advertising pictures with Santa coming soon). Hypatia ran up to the sign, folded her hands over her heart (like namaste) and bowed to the sign.

And then she lifted her hands up, like a priestess worshipping an ancient icon, and then she folded her hands back down and bowed again.

It was so strange a thing to do - so very strange and funny. When I asked her what she was doing she said: "I am consulting the Oracle of Christmas."

Oh. Well that explains that.

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