Saturday, November 7, 2009

Children's chores

kids chores

We created a new chore chart today, as our previous norm has been that I do all the chores around here. Of course, little kids can't do many chores without support from an adult, so this move will not reduce my workload. Actually, the new chore chart will probably be more work for me, but I am investing in the future here.

So now the family has chores:

Carbon will clean his room, take out the trash and recycling, scoop the dog poop in the yard, clean a bathroom, and wash the dishes once a week.

Hypatia will clean her room, help scrub the kitchen floor, clean a bathroom, scoop the kitty messes in the garage, and wash dishes once a week.

My husband will clean the litterboxes, wash the dishes once a week, and make breakfast on Saturdays.

I want to build healthy habits, instill a sense of responsibility, and pave the road for more equity in the future. So I hope this goes well!

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  1. Good for you! It is so often the easier route to just do the chores ourselves, rather than to help the kids learn to do them - but you are right that it is a great investment in the future. Love the picture of H. washing!

    We have tried several different ways of splitting up the chores but still haven't found that perfect alignment that clicks for our family. Always tweaking it!