Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Turkey for dinner for weeks ...

I find this little parody very cute.

I missed the turkey Thanksgiving this year (shrimp feast in Mexico instead), so I was glad when my mom offered me a turkey for our early Yule/Christmas gathering a couple weeks ago.  She raises her own turkeys, and this fellow was about 30 lbs.

Those 30 lbs of bird have become:

  1. Roast turkey served at a holiday dinner for nine.
  2. Eight turkey sandwiches.
  3. 10 quarts of turkey broth.
  4. A giant pot of turkey soup that has been enough for six meals.
  5. Turkey pot pie, enough for two meals.
  6. Turkey tomato rice (I cooked the rice in turkey broth, added chopped up turkey, a jar of home canned stewed tomatoes, some frozen swiss chard I froze this summer, and a few marinated artichoke hearts, with plenty of dried oregano, salt, and pepper).
We're almost out of turkey, but I think two + weeks of meals from one bird is pretty awesome.  We eat one or two turkeys a year, and I'm always thrilled at how far they go.  

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