Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Gift Guide 2012

(I am not getting anything for writing these reviews.  These are just the things my kids are enjoying right now, that I think are pretty cool.)


Here are some of the things my kids will be getting for Christmas:

Fluxx is a fun series of card games, with each variety having its own flavor and special twist.  For my kids who can get a bit too competitive, these games are nice because the point is really not to win - that tends to just happen by accident in the course of playing the game.  We love to play games, so they'll be getting some new games for Christmas this year.

Dover Coloring Books are complex, and come with educational themes such as history or art.  Hypatia loves to sit and color, and the more complex the pictures the better.

Personal Lanterns are useful, and I don't know about everyone else's kids but mine love to have control over a light source.  They also break and lose all their lights, so new ones are always needed.

Art Supplies are always needed and enjoyed.  The same goes for Bare Books.

Books, of course.

Walkmans are old technology, but for my audiobook loving kids it's great to check books on CD out from the library.  I also appreciate that they are carrying around something I can afford for them to lose or break, instead of an iPod.  Our last pair of portable CD players were thrift store finds, but they are breaking and it's time for new ones.

Travel Mugs for their hot chocolates and steamers that they love to get as special treats when I'm getting my espresso.

And I'm sure Santa will also stuff some legos in their stockings, and some edible treats.  (Hypatia put Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate on her Santa list, because she doesn't like the Fair Trade stuff I buy.  I'll have to bend my rules about chocolate and get that for her.)

They'll also each get a homemade gift (a knit hat, a quilt), and the family has been saving our allowances for 6 months to buy a family Christmas gift of a trampoline!

It's going to be a good, but not crazy, Christmas.

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