Monday, December 3, 2012

Learning All the Time - and While on Vacation


The kids get back from vacation tonight, and tomorrow we start "school" back up again.  But what did they learn while on that vacation?



We took a boat tour back into the mangroves, and saw all sorts of lovely birds (and crabs and iguana) up close.  Nature Study, for sure.


We also visited the Aquarium in Mazatlan, which features a display on maritime science and history and the local fishing practices.  Clearly educational.


The kids did a lot of boogie boarding, with their dad, aunt, and Papi.  Physical Education!


And then there is Geography (field trip to another country, discussion of timezones, looking at maps, etc.) and Foreign Language (even if they were really shy about trying to speak Spanish).  They probably learned more from their "vacation" than they could have possibly learned in the same number of days sitting in school.


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