Friday, December 14, 2012

A sad day


My heart is breaking over the tragic events today.  These mass-shootings are always horrible (interesting stats here), but this one feels even more horrible because the children were so young.

Yes, there are cultural issues we should talk about.  Yes, we should examine our gun controls and our mental health systems. But at some deep, deep level, this just points to our vulnerability.  Our terribly, terribly vulnerable incarnated selves and the terribly, terribly fragile receptacles of our love - all can be dust at any time.  And it's so hard to hug your babies close and to know that the world is not a safe place.

And yet the world is also a wonderful place.  How to balance this, to cherish and love life and yet to know that it will end?

My heart is breaking.  I will pray, and I will work for better gun control and mental health services. But this is also a reminder to look again at mortality, at love, and at what matters most.

(This reminds me of how I felt a few months ago when I wrote this post.)

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