Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Language Lessons


One of the best things about homeschooling, from my point of view, is the ability to plan for each child a unique learning plan. We also can change the plan whenever we want to, and if something starts to not work or we get bored with it, we don't have to finish it.

Five in a Row was getting boring for me and Hypatia, with really the only parts of it that I loved being the booklist itself and the storydisks to color and paste onto a map, and the only part she loved still was the booklist. Well, we don't need to do FIAR to read wonderful picture books and pin up pictures of on our world map. We can take a virtual trip around the world in books on our own (and we will - I bought us a new big world map too!).

After I read a few reviews of other Language Arts options, I decided to give Language Lessons for the Very Young a try. It's a Charlotte Mason style curriculum, so it features picture study and poetry appreciation and lots of narration exercises.

The books were immediately appealing to both children, mainly because of the full color pictures, which are very nicely printed for the picture study lessons. I also very much appreciate that everything is included in the book, so there is at least one subject that I don't have to go hunt down a bunch of resources from the library for (makes my life just a teeny bit simpler).

So far, Hypatia is cruising through her book, not wanting to only do one lesson a day. It's a hit!

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