Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Moment from Sunday

I've decided to start posting simple moments from my Sunday, perhaps with a quote or a link. The days are always so full, and it's hard to decide what moment to capture, but just as hard to try to think what I could ever say about it all.


I promise to be a good steward to the Earth's water resources. I will conserve water whenever I can. I will not waste water when I can help it. I will work so more people around the world have the clean, water they need. I will clean up polluted waters whenever I have a chance. I will not make water supplies unsafe or dirty. I will remember that what I do upstream can affect all life downstream. I will honor my spiritual connection to the web of all existence by protecting it.

(signed) ___________________________

(A lesson from Gather the Spirit)

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  1. Wonderful! The kids at your church are so lucky!