Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fools


Even though there was a ton of high jinks at church today, my kids were bummed that April Fools being on a Sunday meant that I was too busy to prank them this morning. So a few text messages home to my husband, and he knew he needed to set up a prank for when we got home from church.

We arrived, and right away they were asking "did you set up a prank for us?"

"No" he says, totally deadpan. "I forgot - isn't April Fools tomorrow?"

This resulted in great sorrow, and they sulked up to their bedrooms ...

Where screaming started - "Why is there a chicken in Cola's (the chinchilla) cage?!!!!"



And here is me at church this morning. The "April Fools Vortex" sucked me right out of my shower and into the worship service ... I arrived through the side door walking in behind a shower curtain (on a hula hoop). Thank goodness the Vortex dressed me! We were mighty silly in church this morning. There were clowns, the minister wore a pink flamingo hat, we had flash paper set to go crazy when we lit the chalice, I did my shower song instead of a Story for All Ages, and the music director walked out for his "mandatory 15 minute break after every four hymns" leaving the minister to direct the choir - and the minister donned a blond wig because our music director has longish blond hair. It is healthy for the ego to not take itself seriously all the time. :)

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