Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Homeschooling notes

A few things from our little homeschool, randomly selected because I had pictures of them:


The kids asked to add in Home Ec, and Hypatia has been working on making her own crazy quilt and Carbon has been baking.  This is completely their idea.


Besides the science we've been doing at home, Carbon is also taking a Science class at the Y and also some workshops at the local Children's Museum.  The class at the YMCA is tiny, with a super-energetic young teacher who just graduated from teacher school.  She's been asking the kids what they are interested in and then planning the future classes around their interests (except that Carbon said he wanted to make a "nuclear reaction" and she had to say No to that).  The picture above is the "cloud in a jar" experiment, from the day they explored Weather.  Carbon really enjoys all his science classes.


Last week for Nature Study I didn't have anything planned so I said "why don't you just go out and find some pretty flowers and paint them".  They were thrilled, and Hypatia reported it being "the best lesson Ever!".  Apparently getting to pick flowers is pretty cool.


We made stamps by cutting up a mouse pad.  This was our art lesson that went with Millions of Cats and was a riff off woodcut technique.


We also practiced masking off areas and then water-color painting, another art lesson that riffed off Owl Moon.  I'm still loving all those StoryBook Art lessons.

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