Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Reading Life


Reading, reading reading! A great activity for a Snow Week Without Electricity.

When the power was on, the kids still enjoyed their audiobooks.

The Children of Green Knowe, which Carbon has listened to dozens of times, finally made it's way into Hypatia's room and she listened to it by herself. We all adore the magical Green Knowe series, with its gentle magic, sense of place and history, and lyrical use of language.

She also enjoyed The London Eye Mystery by herself. I didn't listen to it, so I can't really say much about it, except that Hypatia liked it.

Meanwhile, Carbon repeatedly listened to The Penderwicks on Gardham Street. That is another book series that we adore, full of Family and Love.

He also listened to Darth Paper Strikes Back, so there have been a lot of Darth Paper puppets around here.

For reading aloud, we enjoyed these books a great deal:

The Twins' Blanket is a charming story of siblings that have to share, and how they get big enough to each need one of their own - but how to fairly split the old blanket in two?

Bink and Gollie are friends, in the best tradition of the Odd Couple (think Frog and Toad).

Where's Walrus? is a wordless book about a walrus who wanders out of the zoo, and he hides out in some pretty funny places.

Alice and Greta are a good witch and a not-good witch, in this story that emphasizes that what you cast into the world will end up coming back to you.

Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator! If you find your best friend in the Bargain Bin, I would hope that they would be as wonderful as Amanda's best friend, her stuffed Alligator. This is a thoroughly charming story of friendship.

Books we read but I don't rate very highly:

Puss in Cowboy Boots. It was fun to adopt the cowboy accent for the whole book, but otherwise it's not very good.

Sophie the Sapphire Fairy is one of the Rainbow Fairy books, and as much as Hypatia loves those I just can't enjoy reading them out loud.

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