Thursday, January 26, 2012

30 Days of Love, Day 11

Today’s community question: How do you imagine we can make a difference in the world through standing of the side of love?

I don't know how to change the world. All I really know is that I can change, and that when I change my little circle of influence will be changed. And when my little circle changes, all the circles that are touched by anyone in my circle might, just might, also be changed. And so it will go, rippling on.

Yes, there are watershed moments, important landmarks, and pivotal figures in the history of the world. But there were also a whole lot of people who just gradually shifted their perceptions, their opinions, and started to live their lives a bit differently.

I dream of a world in which the inherent dignity of every being who has been blessed with the gift of life is respected, and no life is treated like an object and not a blessed being in its own right. I dream of a world in which the basic task of life - to grow and be happy, to be the unique being each was born as - is allowed to blossom and no one is shamed or abused or oppressed. I dream of a world where we give value to the freedom of the individual to be who they are and to do what they love, while also recognizing our interdependence and our duty to a good greater than ourselves.

Can that dream be achieved simply through Standing on the Side of Love? Can consistently treating others with dignity and showing up to defend the rights of all change the world? Can acting to care for others and accepting them for who they are while also encouraging their growth change the world? Can treating all life with compassion change the world?

I really hope so.

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