Saturday, January 7, 2012

Art kick start


We've had some major stress from Hypatia about comparing her work to her brother's, and feeling like she's not good enough. There is a three year age gap, and those are three years of major developmental growth, but she isn't willing to just give herself time.

So I wanted to get her over some of this stress, with a bit of a "jumpstart". I tried to set up a time to just do art with her, but Carbon couldn't stay away once he saw the paints come out.


The "jumpstart" was that I sat and sketched in a pencil drawing, and asked Hypatia to color it in with watercolors. This was our second picture together.



She moved on to doing her own pencil drawing, and then asking me to watercolor it, to then just doing projects all by herself.

The results excited her, so I think it was a successful boost - like I said a KickStart. :)

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  1. We've had a bit of that here, too. My kids are 2 years apart, and Dude gets very frustrated when his artwork (or handwriting, or whatever) doesn't turn out as well as his sister's. Add the perfectionist tendencies that he got from me and it makes him want to totally give up!

    Great idea, giving her a kick start! Sounds like you came up with a great way to boost her confidence!