Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two conversations from today

Me: "Hypatia, why are you sucking on your toe?"

Hypatia: with a loud pop as her toe comes out of her mouth "It tastes good. Like salt."

Me: "Ewwwww. You are so weird."

Hypatia: "Yep. But I'm still your kid."

And then later on ...

Me: "Here, Carbon, have an apple if you're still hungry."

Carbon: "It's a pretty apple." he starts to take a bite "Wait - is this poisoned?"

Me, thinking of Snow White: "No, why would I poison you?"

Carbon: "You know, with the stuff that kills bugs?"

Me: "Oh, you mean pesticides. No, it's organic."

So, I have one child who is sucking the "salt" off her own toe, and another who is worried about eating pesticides. Oh goodness.