Monday, February 15, 2010

My latest sewing project

Butterick #5173

This has not been a smooth project. The pattern is Butterick 5173, which other bloggers have not liked that much. Maybe before I buy a pattern in the future I'll just Google it and see what folks are saying.

Anyway, I cut this dress out of the very last of my stash of organic black knit, which has been a beloved staple of my sewing for several years now. I was going to do the neckline out of some organic pink that I had in the stash, but as soon as I started to do that it was obviously too light and insipid. I loved this knit print when I saw it at Joanne's.

But, back to the pattern. It was mostly clear-cut, except for getting the right arrangement of the gathers on the front. The first two times I did it, when I pulled it on for a fitting I had skewed the neckline around and had a serious case of uneven chest! After ripping it out and redoing it twice, I am accepting the results above as being the best I can get.

Another issue I have with the pattern is that it just wants to fall off my shoulders. As it is also too low cut and chest emphasizing for me to normally wear, I will probably wear it over another shirt.

And the picture makes it look like I made one sleeve longer than the other, but that is an optical illusion!

All in all, I can't recommend this pattern, and I won't use it again. But I will wear this dress, darn it!

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  1. Well, in spite of the difficult pattern, it is cute!