Sunday, February 7, 2010

How They Grow

Four Years Old

My baby is four years old. She's really not a baby anymore (despite a few lingering baby things she is loath to give up, such as sippy cups), and this is my last baby. No more babies for this Momma.

With the first baby, each new thing is an exciting milestone. He pushes ahead, moving us into being a new kind of family and new modes of living. With the last baby, each milestone is a bittersweet goodbye. No more nursing momma. No more baby slings. No more strollers. No more of that kind of parenting.

So goodbye to 3 year olds, and onward we go.

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  1. Your daughter is a beautiful 4 year old! I know the bittersweetness of these milestones. My "baby" will soon be three and I can get very sentimental about saying goodbye to 2 year olds forever.