Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I have plenty of time"

Carbon I

Yesterday Carbon was inspired by our Five In A Row book, The Glorious Flight, to head out into the yard and try and build his own airplane. He knows this one won't fly, but he said "I have plenty of time to keep trying and I'll invent one that does. That guy in the book was older than me when he started".

After it was too dark to "work" outside anymore, he came inside and started writing music. He took his piano workbook, and he copied how they do the notation (which is adapted for beginning youngsters, so they don't have the notes on the staff yet but instead have the letter written above each note). After he had written a few "songs" he asked me to play them on the piano for him. He was a bit disappointed by the way they sounded, but then he said, again, "I have plenty of time. If I keep writing I'll get a good song."


When he says "I have plenty of time" he means that he is young, but there is also the fact that he does have plenty of time everyday to pursue interests and ideas of his own. So many great inventions, discoveries, and creations would not have happened if people hadn't been blessed with free time: Priestley's discovery of the properties of oxygen, Berliot's airplane, Beatrix Potter's books, and the list goes on.

It requires time.

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