Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Day of School


Friday felt like the end of school, with a school picnic day at a local park with a beach. There was a graduation cake for the one graduating senior, and there were posters with all the students' pictures that kids were having each other sign. We gave cards to the staff. Carbon and some other students built this dam in a little stream on the beach.

But today is actually the last day of school - I think they are mostly just cleaning up the school space. They will likely not be returning to that building next year, but moving on to another that will fit them better. We will not be returning at all - and that is bittersweet. Carbon has learned a lot there, and the democratic format has been good for him. We'll miss the community, he'll miss his friends.

I will not miss packing a lunch for him every morning. When I packed the lunch today, I was thinking "this is the LAST lunch in this box". I won't miss having to get up and drive him to school on Mondays, my day off. I plan on not doing homeschool on Mondays, and making it a real rest day. That will be nice.

Endings are hard, and they are sad. But they make room for new beginnings.

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  1. Good luck in your new beginnings - how exciting for everyone! It sounds like your son's school was a wonderful experience though. Lots of growth and great memories, I'm sure.

    Great photo too! I love how creative children get with natural materials :)