Monday, June 27, 2011

DRE Fashion Dilemmas

My Sunday morning fashion challenge is to find a variety of outfits that can do all this:

1. Say "take me seriously, I am a professional"

2. Be both mature and young/approachable, formal yet friendly, never sexy but not frumpy either

3. Let me sit on the ground gracefully when I need to

4. Be something I could dive into an art project while wearing

5. Not kill my feet after the hours of walking hallways, moving furniture, and standing/dancing/jumping rope that I might end up doing on a Sunday morning

6. Generally match the culture of my congregation

Here are three recent looks that tried to do all that (my son took these pictures with my smart phone camera - they aren't glamor shots but they do show me at work)



1 comment:

  1. Lilac is your color! I love the second look. The other two seem like nice solutions as well; the cut of the skirt in the first one is very flattering. Adam Glassman, the fashion editor at O, suggests developing one signature look that works and creating variations on the theme. I'm with him there... less time, less money, always comfy!