Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day One of Homeschooling


Our first day back into homeschooling went very well.

6am I get up and do my yoga, make coffee, chat with my husband before he leaves for work, and write a blog post.

7:30 I get the kids up, and they come to the table for "Breakfast School". Watermelon and cereal, plus Math U See, Bob Books, and Explode the Code. A quick break for chores, then we move to the sofa and I read them Tutankhamun by Demi (loved it).

9:00 More chores for me, while the kids went out in the backyard and played for a bit.

10:00 We arrive at a park for our summer play group. Friends arrive and everyone has someone to play with or talk to.

12:30 We grabbed some lunch at an independent burger place.

1:00 We get to church for my office hours. The kids were very busy the whole time playing with each other (toys in my office, toys in the church play yard, toys in the nursery). They also watched a deer munching down on the landscaping in front of the church, up real close through my office window. It was about 4 feet away from us. Meanwhile, I got needed emails and notes done, then tackled end-of-year cleaning in the Youth Room.

4:00 I stopped at the office store on my way home, grabbing a label maker (I am going to organize the heck out of the church school supplies tomorrow).

4:30 Home, snacks, playing out in the back yard - all great until Carbon got hurt falling off our swing.

5:30 The TV came on to comfort the hurt boy, and I retired to my room to study my Models of Religious Education.

It was our first day with no school and with the beginnings of our new routines, and I'm really happy with how it went.

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  1. Sounds like a great start to your new routines! Thanks for the Tutankhamun book idea. We've had a hard time finding good, age-appropriate books about King Tut. Off to request it now...