Monday, June 20, 2011

Afternoon off


Today's fortune from my lunch out during my "afternoon off". Mary Poppins got an afternoon off each week, and I think moms should get one too if they possibly can. I wasn't quite sure what I would do with myself for four hours, but I had it scheduled for the sitter to come, so I was just going to have to find something to do.

It was wonderful. While the kids were happily taken care of by a babysitter (who took them by bike to a neighborhood park where some of their friends were having a meet-up), I went and walked around the lake at a pace my kids can't match. Then I went mattress shopping, and I found one I like. Next time I have $900 to spare, we'll be sleeping on a cloud. :)

And then I still had time to go check out the cool local consignment shop, where I found a pair of completely unworn Dansko sandals for a great price. I love shopping at that consignment store, which is fun and inviting and has great prices ... but it's not as much fun with kids in tow!

I still had time to go out to a late lunch, where I got the very appropriate fortune. And then I drove to the home improvement store, browsed the garden center, and bought a new grill to replace the one I lost a few weeks ago. I got home just about as the kids were returning on their bikes.

What should I do next week? Massage? Go study in a coffee shop? The gym?

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  1. Sounds like my kind of afternoon. You've inspired me to schedule some time for myself too - thanks!